Single Nozzle Tube Filling Machine

Single Nozzle Tube Filling Machine epitomizes speed, efficiency & economy. Automatic/ Semi-Automatic models available to pack Laminated tubes, Plastic Tubes, Aluminum Tubes and Combo model to pack both Laminated / Plastic tubes & Aluminum Tubes. This is best suitable for medium size batches.

NLL 60 (Laminated/ Plastic Tubes)
NLA 60 (Aluminum Tubes)
NLLA 60 (Laminated & Aluminum Tube COMBO)
Speed (tubes/min): 60
Tube Diameter (mm): 12.5 to 50
Tube Length (mm): 70 to 200
Filling Capacity (gms): 5 to 235
Power Consumption (kW): 4
Machine Dimensions (without hopper):
2200 x 1500 x 1500 mm
2600 x 1500 x 1500mm (COMBO machine)

  • Precise & uniform filling volume at each pump setting
  • No tube no fill mechanism
  • Zero drip with tail cutting arrangement
  • Filling mechanism easily adjustable to different volumes
  • Accurate registration (eye mark orientation)
  • Touch screen display
  • Quick changeover for different tube size
  • High-quality stainless-steel grade SS316 for elements in contact with product
  • Cassette Infeed
  • Jacketed Hopper with Stirrer
  • Tube Cleaning Unit
  • Cap Tightening
  • Tube Transfer Device
  • See-through Polycarbonate Guards

Machine Functions

The complete steps of tube filling process

In the case of plastic tubes, they first go to the air blowing station where hot air is blown at the end of every tube. In the end, there are sealing and trimming processes after which they are ejected out from the filling machine.

Step 1

Automatic Tube Feeding Mechanism

Step 2

Eye Mark Orientation

Step 3

Precise Filling System

Step 4

Temperature Controlled Heating System

Step 5

Aluminum Tube Folding Stations

Step 6

Ejection on Conveyors


User Guide