Founder & Director


15 Years




Bhimsingh Chadana

Founder & Director

Since early childhood, Mr. Bhimsingh Chadana has been exposed to the workings of a business and has grown to become immensely fond of it. His fervor for wood products led him to enter the world of the Architectural Industry. For more than 15 years, he has been an integral part of this industry. His morals made him dedicated, hardworking, and collaborative. His tireless efforts have played a great role in consolidating the company.

Mentor and led by Mr. Bhimsingh Chadana, our team of experts understands the needs and lives of our consumers and drives the workforce to meet those needs with our broad portfolio of Natural Veneers, Smoke Veneers, Metalic Veneers, Burl Veneers Crotches Veneers, and Rough Cut Veneers.”

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